What IsA Self Build Mortgage And How Does It Work?


Funds or financial support are always an immediate requirement for many self-builders as well as for renovators to start off their project like Batista Properties. A shortage of money can really put halt to your half-way project or even before it is started like when you are in the planning stage.

So, when cases where you might not seem fortunate enough to be able to construct a home using your pre-savings or with the funds from the auction of your previous home, you urgently need to borrow some cash to finance your dream. Here comes the actual role of a self-build mortgage.

Types and Working

Mostly the money is released at the key stages and that too in a period manner, rather than allotting a huge sum on the day of completing the project. Basically, there are two main types of the self-build mortgage including

  • The arrears mortgage, where the cash is released on the completion of each particular stages of a building. This is suitable for those builders who have other means of funding that can be put into their project.
  • The advanced mortgage, where the amount is given at the starting period of each stage of the build. This further implies that their personal money is within their bank and money is made available at their needy times.

When will the funds be actually released?

For a Self-build structure, the funding will be released during

  • Land purchase
  • After finishing the initial structuring stage
  • Just before the roof trusses are placed on completed ground building
  • Money is given once the wind and water shielded roof tiles are brought
  • On completion of first and second fix respectively
  • And finally, on the certified completion of the project

The amount you can borrow from a financial institution for this purpose depends on the affordability calculation done by banks and usually comes up to five times your single income.

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