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How to Avoid Getting into Deep Business Debt – A Complete Guide


When you have a business, money is not always your best friend. When money is tight, time also seems to work against you. Over a period of time, one can get into debts. Sometimes these are small and a regular part of the business, which can be handled easily. Sometimes when things are not kept under control, one can land in serious debt issues.

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So, how does one avoid getting stuck in such serious debt issues? Here is a complete and comprehensive guide to protect you from such a situation.

Keep A Tab

The very first step and the most crucial step, be it a small or a big business, is to keep a tab on your expenses and income. When you keep a close watch on these numbers, you will notice any alarming patter in the financials or when your company seems to be losing more money than what it is earning.

Cut Costs

When you realize the income does not match the expenditures, it is time to cut back on your costs. Sit and analyze the various expenses with your finance team and make a list of things that are probably extravagant and may not be really needed for the business. Prioritize them and start cutting down on them one by one. You can stop when you feel a balance is reached.


Next, prioritize debt payments. When debt starts increasing, every possible payment should be made. Start closing one debt after another, so that you don’t miss out on some deadline or end up paying penalty on outstanding debts. This will only increase your expenditure.


Taking loans is a common feature in businesses. Start consolidating and try getting a renewal on your bigger loans. This way you will get longer deadlines and can avoid paying unnecessary fines or penalties.