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Driving For Profit – 8 Ways To Make Money With Your Car

Van Leasing

If you would like to check the van lease offers then here they are. Look at these 8 ways in which your car can make profits for you.

There are a number of ways in which your car can make money for you.

Sign up with a taxi service company

Sign up with some app cab company and make money with your car. You can hire a driver to drive your car and thus make money for you. You also get to be your own boss and have your own working hours.

Give driving lessons

You could also use the car to start some driving lessons. A small driving school does not take a lot of place or investment.

Get paid to run ads on your car

Many companies would want to advertise their products on your car. If you allow them to do that then this will let you earn money from them.


Rent your car to some other driver

This is a very viable option if you do not want to drive your car yourself. If you trust the driver then give the car to him and you get rent from the driver to drive your car.


People need to commute to work and you can offer your car to them to pool the drive and for that, you charge a fee.

Drive kids to school

You could drive kids to school every morning and make money out of it.

Office transport

Today offices operate all through the day and there is a need for cars and drivers to help their employees commute. You could sign up with a company to offer the service.

Courier service

Online shopping is now the craze. You could either drive yourself or rent your car to grocery stores and other shops that offer home delivery to their customers.