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How Much Is Bitcoin Really Worth? A Complete Guide


For trying to understand the worth of bitcoin, it is important to consider the below points:

Physical money is minted, distributed and controlled by respective central banks in each country.  But bitcoins are beyond the control of the banking system.  Here the transactions are stored in digital ledger using blockchain technology.

The initial coding of bitcoin was done in such a way that maximum existing bitcoins cannot go beyond 21 million.  Hence bitcoin is very scarce.  It is not like physical money which is printed.  Depending on the economic situation and inflation, the physical money supply is increased or decreased.  But bitcoin cannot go beyond a certain level.

There are many benefits while using bitcoin.  It can eliminate forex conversion risks, credit card, and online frauds.  It cannot be printed too much causing damage to the investors.  When accepted as an authorized mode of payment, bitcoins will help in stabilizing and uplifting dull economies.   You can check for more benefits in CoinSpot Review 2018 – Australian Cryptocurrency Exchange

Physical money involves multiple risks.  It is too costly to mint.  It has so much of regulatory norms ruling the distribution.  It is not safe to carry.  It can fluctuate in value drastically.  It does not have technological protection.  Hence printing counterfeit money is easy.  Physical money is associated with too much of frauds like credit card frauds.  It is out of reach of people who are not covered by banking.

But bitcoin overcomes all the above drawbacks.  The current value of bitcoin may be around, say 13000$.  But taking into consideration all the above advantages, the real worth of a bitcoin is much more.  Only when countries switch over to bitcoin, people will be able to realize and appreciate the real benefit of bitcoin usage.  It will be a common currency irrespective of nations which will bring positive changes in the world.

The Impacts of Bitcoin on economy


Bitcoin represents the currency of a new age. As the world shifts into an increasingly digital era, the economy has to keep up. There are many drawbacks to not adapting to this new currency. As bitcoin becomes more popular, people might neglect to carry their physical currency. If your business is not equipped to take bitcoin, you may be losing a large chunk of your target audience. Bitcoins features many advantages over normal currency, but the ones that are the most important include anonymity, no taxation, and can’t be tracked by third parties. Another feature is that people can pay with bitcoin from their phones, and it takes no user information to do that. The anonymity is a feature that many people adore.

WIth the improvement of technology, it is hard to remain anonymous in an increasingly connected world. People want an untraceable currency to give them some privacy. The economic impacts of this are massive, as people will move away from credit cards and debit cards, and into cryptocurrencies. It can be hard to keep track of all the cryptocurrencies but can help with that. Trulycoin is similar to CoinMarketCap in the way that it helps you keep track of all the different currencies on the digital exchange.

In the continuously changing economy in is important to keep your eye on trends like these. Business will need to adapt to the different methods of payments their customers want to pay with, or risk losing out on valuable business. Business that do not adapt to the new forms of payment will quickly be out of business as their competitors thrive. The change to cryptocurrency isn’t optional, it’s mandatory. Make a lot of easy money by being some of the first businesses to adopt cryptocurrencies. There will likely be a period of time where not many businesses have switched over and crypto customers have nowhere to shop, letting you be like a monopoly of crypto customers. In the unforgiving economy today, there is little room for error.…