Day: December 1, 2018

Five Problems You Only Face While Living Alone

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Staying alone makes one face a whole lot of issues.  Read on to know the top 5 problems faced while living alone:

Wastage:  It is a tough task to prepare food for a single person.  It is tougher to prevent those food wastages. Also, there is a compulsion to forego those offers on lump purchases as huge quantities will not be needed for a single person.

Depression and boredom:  While living alone constant boredom bring mental depression.  Feeling alone creates self-pity.  But luckily one can take the effort to cheer up like gifting oneself a luxury handbag from luxtime.

Such efforts will boost up the mind.  Humans are social animals.  We all need a co-human to love, care and share.  No one can watch television or listen to music day long without speaking to another person.  Sometimes when the whole day is spent without seeing others it becomes very depressed.

Safety:  Living alone creates all kinds of fears in mind.  In spite of checking everything, there might be chances of safety issues.  This can be arising out of criminal elements or due to carelessness.  Chances of theft are high when one is staying alone.

Moving heavy items like furniture:  Moving heavy items needs a helping hand.  Doing this alone is very difficult and it is risky if you drop things on oneself.

Delivery:  The toughest aspect is to deal with the mail delivery and repair persons.  They land up at the most unexpected time when one is not at home.  One wait for long hours for these people to turn up and leave for work thinking that they would not come.  But after they leave, these people ring the bell, wait for few minutes and return.  Getting back those mails and couriers and making the plumber come again is again a tedious job.