Month: December 2018

How Much Is Bitcoin Really Worth? A Complete Guide


For trying to understand the worth of bitcoin, it is important to consider the below points:

Physical money is minted, distributed and controlled by respective central banks in each country.  But bitcoins are beyond the control of the banking system.  Here the transactions are stored in digital ledger using blockchain technology.

The initial coding of bitcoin was done in such a way that maximum existing bitcoins cannot go beyond 21 million.  Hence bitcoin is very scarce.  It is not like physical money which is printed.  Depending on the economic situation and inflation, the physical money supply is increased or decreased.  But bitcoin cannot go beyond a certain level.

There are many benefits while using bitcoin.  It can eliminate forex conversion risks, credit card, and online frauds.  It cannot be printed too much causing damage to the investors.  When accepted as an authorized mode of payment, bitcoins will help in stabilizing and uplifting dull economies.   You can check for more benefits in CoinSpot Review 2018 – Australian Cryptocurrency Exchange

Physical money involves multiple risks.  It is too costly to mint.  It has so much of regulatory norms ruling the distribution.  It is not safe to carry.  It can fluctuate in value drastically.  It does not have technological protection.  Hence printing counterfeit money is easy.  Physical money is associated with too much of frauds like credit card frauds.  It is out of reach of people who are not covered by banking.

But bitcoin overcomes all the above drawbacks.  The current value of bitcoin may be around, say 13000$.  But taking into consideration all the above advantages, the real worth of a bitcoin is much more.  Only when countries switch over to bitcoin, people will be able to realize and appreciate the real benefit of bitcoin usage.  It will be a common currency irrespective of nations which will bring positive changes in the world.

The Link between Health & Finance

Health & Wellness

Health and finance are related to each other to a certain extent in life since if you concentrate on sound financial goals then you also focus on your health too.  If you are not concentrating on your financial goals, ultimately you are not concerned too much about your health.

The link between the finance and health exist always since when you create a family budget which includes all your incomes and expenses, you will also allocate a part of an amount to medical expenses or for any emergency situation related to any health issues either of your family members or for your kids.

You can also find many fitness centers and yoga classes which are aimed to cultivate the habit of being healthy as well as started as a business in order to achieve both the aspects in life which is finance and health.  You can also find many blogs and websites which offer you the suggestions and tips for various health-related issues as well as financial goals and the ways to meet good health based on your financial goals.

Apart from surfing the net to find out the healthy tips according to your personal financial goals also explore how kratom can improve your life at since it provides you a clear picture about the product and its varied benefits.

Here are some tips to stay healthy within your budget;

  • Try to buy vegetables, fruits from the wholesale market where they offer an extra quantity of vegetables and fruits at the lower cost.
  • If possible try to follow smart storing techniques so that you can purchase the cooking items which are essential on a monthly basis and get them in a bulk quantity and store them properly so that you can use it for a longer duration of time.
  • Grow some veggies in your garden so that you can avoid spending on these.
  • Avail the offers and discounts in the various health centers so that it may help you to stay fit and healthy.
  • Consume the food items which are rich in proteins and other essential nutrients which are available at low cost so that it helps you in meeting the daily requirements of nutrients.

5 Smart Tips On How To Afford Designer Items

Fashion Accessories

If you always thought that you cannot afford designer wear on LuxTime, then here are a few smart tips on how a designer piece can actually become yours. Follow these to buy the designer bag or shoes for yourself.

Save for the purchase

You cannot make an impromptu purchase and buy a designer outfit or any designer item. You need to be well prepared financially to buy one. To be able to afford a designer piece start saving early. Keep a budget for the item and then plan to save an amount each month from your monthly salary. Since it is just a small amount that you plan to set aside it will not pinch you a lot. Eventually, you will be able to save enough to afford the designer item.

Wait for a sale

Do not buy the designer item when there are no sales or promotions going on. Instead, wait for a sale and buy when there is a drop in price. You will notice how it becomes much cheaper during the sale season.

Buy online

Today most of the designer items can be purchased online. And in most cases, the prices are much cheaper than buying the item offline. So look to buy the designer item from an online store and save money on your purchase.

Look for things that are not over-trendy

If you are looking to buy a designer piece then look for something that is not over-trending. You do not want to park your money into something that will not last long. Instead look to buy a timeless piece.

Don’t get into buying everything designer

If you cannot afford, it is absolutely fine if you wear a nice but non-designer piece of clothing and carry a designer handbag. Buy something because you like it and not for the sake of wearing something expensive.…