Day: September 6, 2018

Why A Yacht Is a Good Investment in 2018

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Are you searching for starting a new business or a new investment in the new year? Then there are several options where you can invest an amount that will give you good returns. Before doing that you have to check out what are the various ways and where you can invest in the year 2018. You might use your retirement savings or your work bonuses to make a good investment. Here is why a yacht is a good investment in 2018 so check out your options after knowing pros and cons.

Higher Maintenance – When purchasing a luxury motor yacht remember that the investment does not stop there. Luxury yachts require higher maintenance so it is a constant investment. Ship brokers would advice on how much of money is spent on maintaining the yacht or they may not tell so you will buy it. However, there are options like chartering the motor boat or luxury yacht to cut down on some of the expenses coming from operations and maintenance, etc.

Depreciation Value – Like mentioned earlier it requires maintenance like other investments for example, real estate. Remember that real estate too has a great maintenance in addition to the complete investment. But here is the difference in investing in a luxury yacht. Motor yachts or luxury motor yachts do not depreciate as much as a conventional giant ship, house boat, or other floating motor vehicles. The value does go down but definitely not as much as the other things mentioned here. So, on long term basis investing in a yacht seems a good investment in 2018.

Conclusion: Buy yourself a luxury yacht in 2018 to make a good investment in yourself – to boost your self-esteem, to make a luxury lifestyle statement, or to take out your family and friends on a great holiday! So, live life at