Month: September 2018

Driving For Profit – 8 Ways To Make Money With Your Car

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If you would like to check the van lease offers then here they are. Look at these 8 ways in which your car can make profits for you.

There are a number of ways in which your car can make money for you.

Sign up with a taxi service company

Sign up with some app cab company and make money with your car. You can hire a driver to drive your car and thus make money for you. You also get to be your own boss and have your own working hours.

Give driving lessons

You could also use the car to start some driving lessons. A small driving school does not take a lot of place or investment.

Get paid to run ads on your car

Many companies would want to advertise their products on your car. If you allow them to do that then this will let you earn money from them.


Rent your car to some other driver

This is a very viable option if you do not want to drive your car yourself. If you trust the driver then give the car to him and you get rent from the driver to drive your car.


People need to commute to work and you can offer your car to them to pool the drive and for that, you charge a fee.

Drive kids to school

You could drive kids to school every morning and make money out of it.

Office transport

Today offices operate all through the day and there is a need for cars and drivers to help their employees commute. You could sign up with a company to offer the service.

Courier service

Online shopping is now the craze. You could either drive yourself or rent your car to grocery stores and other shops that offer home delivery to their customers.

Why A Yacht Is a Good Investment in 2018

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Are you searching for starting a new business or a new investment in the new year? Then there are several options where you can invest an amount that will give you good returns. Before doing that you have to check out what are the various ways and where you can invest in the year 2018. You might use your retirement savings or your work bonuses to make a good investment. Here is why a yacht is a good investment in 2018 so check out your options after knowing pros and cons.

Higher Maintenance – When purchasing a luxury motor yacht remember that the investment does not stop there. Luxury yachts require higher maintenance so it is a constant investment. Ship brokers would advice on how much of money is spent on maintaining the yacht or they may not tell so you will buy it. However, there are options like chartering the motor boat or luxury yacht to cut down on some of the expenses coming from operations and maintenance, etc.

Depreciation Value – Like mentioned earlier it requires maintenance like other investments for example, real estate. Remember that real estate too has a great maintenance in addition to the complete investment. But here is the difference in investing in a luxury yacht. Motor yachts or luxury motor yachts do not depreciate as much as a conventional giant ship, house boat, or other floating motor vehicles. The value does go down but definitely not as much as the other things mentioned here. So, on long term basis investing in a yacht seems a good investment in 2018.

Conclusion: Buy yourself a luxury yacht in 2018 to make a good investment in yourself – to boost your self-esteem, to make a luxury lifestyle statement, or to take out your family and friends on a great holiday! So, live life at

How To Invest: 5 Smart Ways To Make Your Money Grow

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Who doesn’t want to be rich? All of us have dreams that we keep shelved and locked up because we either do not have enough money or we are unable to grow our money. Luxury is something that not many can afford but everyone wishes to. What is it that rich people do? What is it that makes them different from us commoners? All rich people who have grown in life have had struggles and all of them have developed some strategy or the other to grow their money in their lifetime. You will find some of these strategies on LovePlugs.

Here are 5 other strategies that you could adapt to grow your money.

  1. Stay away from debts

Debt is like quicksand. It will not look treacherous from afar but the moment you step on it, it will suck you in and the vicious cycle will continue. Once you are in debt, you might continue to be in debt forever. Develop a healthy habit of being debt-free by staying away from credit cards, home loans, car loans etc. Get into the habit of paying with liquid cash whenever and wherever possible.

  1. Invest consistently

If you start an investment, keep it going till maturity unless serious problems crop up. If you want to grow your money, the best way is to keep paying the premium of your investments and you will surely reap the benefits later.

  1. Diversify

Have a diversified portfolio. There is an age-old saying that we should not put all our eggs in one basket. Invest in different areas like stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities etc instead of all in one place.

  1. Switch

Switch your investments from one type to another when the first fails to serve your purpose. Keep upgrading your portfolio as and when your requirements change.

  1. Research

Do not be fooled by investment advertisements. Do your own research so that you can be the best judge of places to invest in order to grow your money.…

How to Get Out of Debt Fast: Easy Five-Step System for 2018


The payday makes the person the happiest person in the world, however with a debt to be repaid, it more than the happiness, the worry to pay the monthly repayment check to towards any debt borrowed, there are no two ways about it, debt is a huge responsibility, it does not give any pleasant thoughts at all. Cutting down unnecessary spending and stick to a budget is a useful way to steer clear from borrowing to repay the first loan, taking another loan. Holidaying and increasing the vacation expenses will be another worry, as the purpose of the vacation itself gets ruins with surmounting debts.

Five Simple Steps to get out of Debts Quickly

  • it is always better to pay off small loans, that keep adding the interest for default in payments, use the money that is saved to clear off all the debts except the long-term liabilities like housing loan that can be kept for tax breaks
  • having an emergency fund is the best way to doge to usd, that can be started on a monthly basis as low as $500 will be useful to pay off those loans taken to meet out any emergency purposes
  • have a budget in place, stick to it like a glue on paper, there is no way you should deviate from the major fixed savings in the budget, and overspending should be curtailed
  • organize the debt, starting from the lowest to the highest with the repayment dates, this will give a fair idea of how the funds have to be allocated in the one or two cycles
  • When there is a scope to earn the extra cash, use the opportunity to earn the money, and repay to clear of the debts that could make you a defaulter.