The Ultimate Strategies For Financial Success

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Many people ask me, what are the best financial strategies to make sure that my life is a success in the finance department? Well there are a lot of strategies that you can embark upon and we’ve described a number of them here, but all of them have the common one thing: Long term thinking, and this is by far the biggest thing that needs to be in any person who wants to achieve long-term financial success.

The first strategy is to make sure you have the skills to be employed, don’t do things like signing up for a genders studies course but instead sign up for challenging STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) courses that pay well in the long run, even though gender studies may be an easy class it’s not a good class to take.

The second strategy is to make sure that you don’t overstretch yourself, don’t go out of your way to buy things that you cannot afford, don’t buy things like expensive watches, houses, cars if you are living in a one-dollar house in Detroit for example. People who engage in such behavior often end up the worst of all in terms of financial health.

The last strategy is to make sure always to invest any spare money you can in the stock market, the stock market will rise in the long run and you will always gain money in the long run. Make sure to save at least 20% of your disposable income in order to invest in the stock market or any safe long-term investments like equity markets or mt4 so your money will grow and multiply over the years to be more and more. Do make sure to invest wisely though.…

What IsA Self Build Mortgage And How Does It Work?


Funds or financial support are always an immediate requirement for many self-builders as well as for renovators to start off their project like Batista Properties. A shortage of money can really put halt to your half-way project or even before it is started like when you are in the planning stage.

So, when cases where you might not seem fortunate enough to be able to construct a home using your pre-savings or with the funds from the auction of your previous home, you urgently need to borrow some cash to finance your dream. Here comes the actual role of a self-build mortgage.

Types and Working

Mostly the money is released at the key stages and that too in a period manner, rather than allotting a huge sum on the day of completing the project. Basically, there are two main types of the self-build mortgage including

  • The arrears mortgage, where the cash is released on the completion of each particular stages of a building. This is suitable for those builders who have other means of funding that can be put into their project.
  • The advanced mortgage, where the amount is given at the starting period of each stage of the build. This further implies that their personal money is within their bank and money is made available at their needy times.

When will the funds be actually released?

For a Self-build structure, the funding will be released during

  • Land purchase
  • After finishing the initial structuring stage
  • Just before the roof trusses are placed on completed ground building
  • Money is given once the wind and water shielded roof tiles are brought
  • On completion of first and second fix respectively
  • And finally, on the certified completion of the project

The amount you can borrow from a financial institution for this purpose depends on the affordability calculation done by banks and usually comes up to five times your single income.

5 Simple Steps to cut your expenses


There are occasions whereby you have cash in your hand and the temptation to spend gets triggered. However, as with every other aspect of life, financial management requires great discipline. So, without much ado, we shall take you through 5 simple steps by which you can cut your expenses

Consider your purse and your lifestyle

First off, you have to take stock of your spending to see those extra stuff you are spending money on, and as the saying goes, cut your coat according to your cloth. And if possible, just do away with the coat and save some cash.

  • Consolidating your debts and lowering your interest charges

According to a report in the Financial Times, made available earlier this year, credit card debts among UK consumers rose by 10% which translates to an addition of £746m being accrued in January alone. This goes to show that credit card usage is one of the likely ways one can plunge into debt. Owing to this, it is best to consult a counselor like Trust deed Scotland to help liaise with your credit card company in order to work out modalities towards helping you pay off what you can afford while the interest rates are lowered.

  • Energy saving

Energy bills could ‘zap’ a good sum from your purse hence it’s advisable to save energy whenever you can. You can choose the energy efficient light bulbs instead of the power consuming alternative. Turn off the lights and/or air conditioners in rooms that are unoccupied and make sure you always switch of the lights whenever you are leaving home and for emphasis sake, winter season is indeed a great time to save the energy cost.

  • Go for public transport

Let’s face it: owning and using a car could make out for a burden on your budget. From parking charges, money spent on gas purchase and general maintenance, the expenses never end. To put this in check; you should let the car alone in the garage and use public transportation or walk the distance if you can.

  • Stay off Social media

This may not sound so simple but it’s something you ought to consider. In the first instance, considering that time is a ‘currency’ on its own; you could save a whole lot by staying off the radar from time to time. Moreover, you will get to save data cost by doing so.…

The Impacts of Bitcoin on economy


Bitcoin represents the currency of a new age. As the world shifts into an increasingly digital era, the economy has to keep up. There are many drawbacks to not adapting to this new currency. As bitcoin becomes more popular, people might neglect to carry their physical currency. If your business is not equipped to take bitcoin, you may be losing a large chunk of your target audience. Bitcoins features many advantages over normal currency, but the ones that are the most important include anonymity, no taxation, and can’t be tracked by third parties. Another feature is that people can pay with bitcoin from their phones, and it takes no user information to do that. The anonymity is a feature that many people adore.

WIth the improvement of technology, it is hard to remain anonymous in an increasingly connected world. People want an untraceable currency to give them some privacy. The economic impacts of this are massive, as people will move away from credit cards and debit cards, and into cryptocurrencies. It can be hard to keep track of all the cryptocurrencies but can help with that. Trulycoin is similar to CoinMarketCap in the way that it helps you keep track of all the different currencies on the digital exchange.

In the continuously changing economy in is important to keep your eye on trends like these. Business will need to adapt to the different methods of payments their customers want to pay with, or risk losing out on valuable business. Business that do not adapt to the new forms of payment will quickly be out of business as their competitors thrive. The change to cryptocurrency isn’t optional, it’s mandatory. Make a lot of easy money by being some of the first businesses to adopt cryptocurrencies. There will likely be a period of time where not many businesses have switched over and crypto customers have nowhere to shop, letting you be like a monopoly of crypto customers. In the unforgiving economy today, there is little room for error.…